Vuvu From Scandal Real Name: Age, Instagram, Place Of Birth, Biography, Wedding Dress, Husband, Hometown


Vuvu From Scandal Real Name – Mamarumo Marokane, widely known as Vuvu from the popular TV show “Scandal,” is a name that resonates with many South African TV enthusiasts. This talented actress and presenter have captivated audiences with her performances in “Shadow” and “MTV Shuga.” In this blog post, we’ll look into various aspects of her life, including her real name, age, Instagram presence, place of birth, biography, wedding dress, husband, and hometown.

Who is Vuvu From Scandal?

Mamarumo Marokane, born on August 15, 1996, in Tafelkop, Limpopo Province, is a South African actress and presenter. She gained widespread recognition for her roles in “Shadow” and “MTV Shuga.” With her remarkable talent and dedication to her craft, Mamarumo has become a household name in the South African entertainment industry.

Early Life and Education

Mamarumo Marokane was born and raised in Tafelkop, Limpopo Province. From a young age, she showed a keen interest in the arts. Her passion led her to pursue her studies at the CityVarsity School of Media and Creative Arts, where she honed her skills and prepared for a career in acting and presenting.

Fluent in English, Sepedi, and Setswana, Mamarumo’s linguistic abilities have also contributed to her versatility as an actress, allowing her to connect with a broader audience.

Vuvu From Scandal Age and Birthday

Mamarumo Marokane will celebrate her 28th birthday on August 15, 2024. Her youthful energy and talent continue to inspire many aspiring actors and actresses in South Africa and beyond.

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Vuvu From Scandal Instagram Presence

Mamarumo Marokane is active on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her professional and personal life with her followers. You can follow her on Instagram at @mamarumo_m. Her engaging posts and updates keep her fans connected and informed about her latest projects and endeavors.

Vuvu From Scandal Place of Birth and Hometown

Mamarumo Marokane was born in South Africa, specifically in the town of Tafelkop, located in the Limpopo Province. Tafelkop holds a special place in her heart as her hometown, and she often reflects on her roots and the community that supported her early dreams.


Mamarumo Marokane’s journey in the entertainment industry began with her roles in “Shadow” and “MTV Shuga,” where she showcased her acting prowess. These performances earned her critical acclaim and opened doors to new opportunities.

Her ability to portray diverse characters with depth and authenticity has been a significant factor in her rising fame. Mamarumo’s dedication to her craft and her continuous pursuit of excellence have solidified her status as a respected actress in the South African television landscape.

Vuvu From Scandal Wedding Dress and Husband

Vuvu From Scandal Wedding Dress

While Mamarumo Marokane is married, she has chosen to keep her husband’s identity private. This decision allows her to maintain a level of privacy in her personal life. Details about her wedding dress and ceremony remain undisclosed, adding an air of mystery and intrigue to her personal story.


Q: What is Vuvu from Scandal’s real name?
A: Vuvu from Scandal’s real name is Mamarumo Marokane.

Q: How old is Vuvu from Scandal?
A: As of August 15, 2024, Mamarumo Marokane will be 28 years old.

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Q: Where was Vuvu from Scandal born?
A: Mamarumo Marokane was born in Tafelkop, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Q: What is Vuvu from Scandal’s Instagram handle?
A: You can follow Mamarumo Marokane on Instagram at @mamarumo_m.

Q: Is Vuvu from Scandal married?
A: Yes, Mamarumo Marokane is married, but she has not disclosed her husband’s identity.

Q: What languages does Mamarumo Marokane speak?
A: Mamarumo Marokane is fluent in English, Sepedi, and Setswana.


Mamarumo Marokane, known to many as Vuvu from Scandal, is a remarkable actress whose talent and dedication have earned her a prominent place in the South African entertainment industry. From her early days in Tafelkop to her rise to fame, Mamarumo’s journey is a testament to hard work and passion. Follow her on Instagram to stay updated on her latest projects and to gain more insights into her inspiring life.

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