Sthoko From Skeem Saam Real Name: Age, Husband, Pregnant, Twin, Family


Sthoko From Skeem Saam Real Name – Innocent Sadiki, famously known as Sthoko from the famous South African TV series Skeem Saam, is multifaceted. Besides being an accomplished actress, she is a YouTuber, influencer, and brand specialist. Her personal life is just as intriguing as her professional one, with her strong family ties, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to her craft. This post looks into various aspects of her life, including her age, husband, pregnancy rumors, twin sister, and family background.

Sthoko from Skeem Saam Real Name and Age 2024

Innocent Sadiki, born Asnath Thabang Innocent, is 36 years old. She was born in Pretoria, South Africa, under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Sthoko from Skeem Saam Professional Life

Innocent is best known for her role as Sthoko in Skeem Saam. Beyond her acting career, she is a dynamic influencer and YouTuber, sharing her life and insights with a broad audience. She is also a brand specialist and the CEO of CentTwinz Productions, a company she co-founded with her twin sister, Millicent Mashile. They have made significant strides in the entertainment industry, including theatre production and playwriting.

Sthoko from Skeem Saam Family Life

Innocent Sadiki is married to Phindulo Sadiki. The couple has two beautiful daughters, Emma and Ntombana Mukonanyi. Her family story is both touching and inspiring. Innocent and her twin sister Millicent lost their mother when they were just four years old. With their father incarcerated, they were raised by their maternal grandparents. Tragically, their father was later murdered, and his killer was never found.

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Sthoko from Skeem Saam And Her Twin Sister – Millicent Mashile

Innocent shares a close bond with her twin sister, Millicent Mashile. Millicent is also a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, working as an actress, radio and TV presenter, and model. The twins’ collaborative efforts extend to hosting a gospel radio show and managing CentTwinz Productions. Their synergy is evident in their many projects, from writing plays to acting.

Sthoko from Skeem Saam Pregnancy Rumors

Currently, there are no confirmed reports that Innocent Sadiki is pregnant. She maintains privacy regarding her personal life, which leaves much to speculation and rumor.


1. What is Sthoko from Skeem Saam’s real name?

  • Sthoko from Skeem Saam’s real name is Innocent Sadiki, born Asnath Thabang Innocent.

2. How old is Sthoko from Skeem Saam?

  • She is 36 years old.

3. Who is Innocent Sadiki’s husband?

  • Her husband is Phindulo Sadiki.

4. Does Innocent Sadiki have children?

  • Yes, she has two daughters, Emma and Ntombana Mukonanyi.

5. Who is Innocent Sadiki’s twin sister?

  • Her twin sister is Millicent Mashile.

6. Is Innocent Sadiki pregnant?

  • There have been no confirmed reports about her being pregnant.

7. What other roles does Innocent Sadiki have besides acting?

  • She is an influencer, YouTuber, brand specialist, and CEO of CentTwinz Productions.


Innocent Sadiki, or Sthoko from Skeem Saam, is a woman of many talents and a strong family bond. Her journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a well-known figure in the entertainment industry is truly inspirational. Whether on screen, managing her production company, or sharing her life on social media, Innocent continues to captivate and inspire many.

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