Siphesihle Mokoena Biography: Age, Education, Instagram


Siphesihle Mokoena Biography – Siphesihle Mokoena is a dynamic and multifaceted individual from Pretoria/Emalahleni, South Africa. Her diverse talents and achievements span various fields, making her a notable figure in both the fitness and arts communities. With a strong educational background and a passion for helping others, Siphesihle is carving out a remarkable path for herself.

Siphesihle Mokoena Biography

Early Life and Education

Siphesihle Mokoena, often referred to by her Instagram handle @angelic_psalmist_, has roots deeply embedded in the vibrant cultures of Pretoria and Emalahleni. She is an alumna of the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), where she laid the foundation for her career. Her educational journey equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in her chosen fields.

Siphesihle Mokoena Professional Achievements

Kinesiology and Fitness

Siphesihle is a qualified kinesiologist, holding certifications in First Aid Levels 1 and 2, as well as in fitness instruction. Her expertise in kinesiology, a field dedicated to the study of body movement, positions her as a knowledgeable professional in the sports industry. Siphesihle’s ambition is to further her growth within this industry, and she is eager to seize opportunities that come her way.

Artistic Endeavors

Beyond her contributions to fitness and health, Siphesihle is also a talented artist. She is involved with Tshwane Gospel Official as a minister, sharing her musical gifts with a wider audience. Her deep connection to her faith is evident in her artistic expressions, which resonate with many followers.

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Siphesihle Mokoena Instagram Presence

Siphesihle is active on Instagram under the handle @angelic_psalmist_. Her Instagram feed is a blend of her professional journey, personal insights, and inspirational messages. She uses the platform to connect with her audience, sharing her life’s highlights and motivational content.


1. What is Siphesihle Mokoena’s profession?

  • Siphesihle Mokoena is a qualified kinesiologist and fitness instructor.

2. Where did Siphesihle Mokoena study?

  • She studied at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

3. What certifications does Siphesihle Mokoena hold?

  • She holds certifications in First Aid Levels 1 and 2 and fitness instruction.

4. What is Siphesihle Mokoena’s Instagram handle?

  • Her Instagram handle is @angelic_psalmist_.

5. Is Siphesihle Mokoena involved in any artistic endeavors?

  • Yes, she is a minister at Tshwane Gospel Official and shares her musical talents.


Siphesihle Mokoena is a shining example of dedication and versatility. Her commitment to kinesiology and fitness, combined with her artistic talents, make her a unique and inspiring figure. Follow her journey on Instagram @angelic_psalmist_ to stay updated on her latest endeavors and achievements.

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