Razia From Muvhango Real Name: Age, Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth, Instagram


Razia From Muvhango Real Name – BiographyBaze reports that Langiey Rasikhinya, widely recognized by her on-screen name Razia, has become a household name in South Africa through her captivating role in the popular TV drama Muvhango. This long-running series has captured viewers’ hearts with its intriguing storylines and memorable characters. Langiey’s portrayal of Razia has made her a beloved figure on the show, sparking curiosity about her life and career.

Who is Razia from Muvhango?

Langiey Rasikhinya, the actress behind the character Razia, has gained widespread recognition and admiration. Her performance in Muvhango has showcased her acting talent and earned her a loyal fanbase. Although details about her personal life are scarce, her presence on the show has significantly impacted her.

Razia From Muvhango Early Life and Career

While much about Langiey Rasikhinya’s early life remains private, her rise to fame through Muvhango is well-documented. She joined the show’s cast, bringing depth and authenticity to her character, Razia. Her journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to her dedication and passion for acting.

Muvhango: A Brief Overview

Muvhango is a South African TV drama on air since 1997. Created by Duma Ndlovu, the show delves into the complexities of traditional and modern lifestyles, weaving a narrative that resonates with a diverse audience. Over the years, Muvhango has become a staple in South African television, and it is known for its compelling storylines and dynamic characters.

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Langiey Rasikhinya’s Role in Muvhango

Langiey’s character, Razia, is an integral part of Muvhango. Her portrayal of Razia has brought a unique flavor to the show, contributing to its popularity. Fans of Muvhango appreciate her nuanced performance, which has made Razia one of the standout characters.

Razia From Muvhango Age and Personal Details

Langiey Rasikhinya’s age has not been publicly disclosed, maintaining an air of mystery around her personal life. This decision has allowed her to keep privacy while continuing to engage with her audience through her work.

Razia From Muvhango Net Worth

As of now, Langiey Rasikhinya’s net worth remains undisclosed. However, her successful career in one of South Africa’s most beloved TV dramas suggests that she has achieved considerable financial success.

Razia from Muvhango Instagram – Social Media Presence

While specific details about Langiey Rasikhinya’s Instagram or other social media accounts are not readily available, her fans continue to support her through various fan pages and online communities. Her role in Muvhango has undoubtedly contributed to a solid and supportive online presence.


Langiey Rasikhinya, known to many as Razia from Muvhango, has made a lasting impression through her work on the show. Although she keeps her personal life private, her contributions to South African television are well recognized. As Muvhango continues entertaining and engaging viewers, Langiey’s portrayal of Razia will remain a significant part of the show’s legacy.


Who is Razia from Muvhango?

Razia is a character in the South African TV drama Muvhango, portrayed by Langiey Rasikhinya.

What is Langiey Rasikhinya’s age?

Langiey Rasikhinya’s age has not been publicly disclosed.

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What is Langiey Rasikhinya’s net worth?

Langiey Rasikhinya’s net worth has yet to be disclosed.

Does Langiey Rasikhinya have an Instagram account?

Details about Langiey Rasikhinya’s Instagram or other social media accounts are not readily available.

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