Panyaza Lesufi Biography


Panyaza Lesufi Biography – Andrek “Panyaza” Lesufi is a prominent South African politician, known for his significant contributions to the education sector and his current role as the Premier of Gauteng. Born on September 4, 1968, Lesufi has had a distinguished career marked by his dedication to public service and his relentless fight for equality and education. BiographyBaze will explore with you full details about Panyaza.

Panyaza Lesufi Biography

Panyaza Lesufi Biography

Early Life and Education

Lesufi was born in South Africa during the apartheid era, a time that deeply influenced his political views and activism. He pursued higher education at the University of Natal, where he quickly became involved in student politics. His leadership skills were evident early on as he was elected president of the student representative council at the University of Natal’s Durban campus. Lesufi later furthered his education by obtaining a Master’s degree in business administration.

Political Career

Lesufi’s political journey began with his active involvement in anti-apartheid activities and education advocacy. He entered public administration and communications within the government of Ekurhuleni in Gauteng. His career in the national government took off when he joined the Department of Basic Education in 2009, where he worked until 2014.

In 2014, Lesufi was elected to the Gauteng Provincial Legislature, marking the beginning of a significant chapter in his political career. He was appointed the Member of the Executive Council (MEC) for Education in Gauteng, a position he held with a brief interruption until October 2022. During this period, he also served as the acting MEC for Social Development from November 2019 to June 2020 and had a short stint as MEC for Finance in May 2019.

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Lesufi’s dedication to the African National Congress (ANC) is evident through his service on the Gauteng Provincial Executive Committee since 2007 and his appointment as the party’s Provincial Chairperson in June 2022. Additionally, he is a member of the South African Communist Party and the ANC’s National Executive Committee.

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Panyaza Lesufi Wife – Personal Life

Despite his public role, Lesufi keeps his personal life private. Details about his wife and children are not disclosed to the public. This privacy extends to his contact details, which are also not publicly available.

Achievements and Impact

Lesufi’s tenure as MEC for Education was marked by numerous initiatives aimed at improving the education system in Gauteng. He has been a vocal advocate for the use of technology in schools, the eradication of unsafe school infrastructure, and the implementation of progressive educational policies. His efforts have earned him respect and recognition as a leader dedicated to the betterment of society through education.


1. Who is Andrek Panyaza Lesufi? Andrek “Panyaza” Lesufi is a South African politician currently serving as the Premier of Gauteng. He has held various significant positions in the Gauteng provincial government and is a prominent member of the African National Congress (ANC).

2. What is Panyaza Lesufi’s educational background? Lesufi studied at the University of Natal, where he was elected president of the student representative council at the Durban campus. He also holds a Master’s degree in business administration.

3. Is Panyaza Lesufi married? Lesufi’s wife’s name and details about his family are not disclosed to the public.

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4. What are Panyaza Lesufi’s notable political roles? Lesufi has served as the MEC for Education, acting MEC for Social Development, MEC for Finance, and is currently the Premier of Gauteng.

5. How old is Panyaza Lesufi? As of September 4, 2024, Panyaza Lesufi will be 56 years old.


Andrek Panyaza Lesufi’s journey from an anti-apartheid activist to the Premier of Gauteng is a testament to his dedication and commitment to public service. His contributions to education and his leadership within the ANC highlight his influence and impact on South African politics. As he continues to serve, Lesufi remains a pivotal figure in the ongoing efforts to improve the lives of the people in Gauteng.

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