Mary Chilima Biography: Age, Home Village, Illness


Mary Chilima Biography – Mary Chilima is a figure of significant public interest in Malawi, largely due to her marriage to the country’s Vice President, Saulos Chilima. Despite being in the public eye, many aspects of her life remain private. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive look into her biography, covering her age, home village, and recent events, including a tragic incident involving a plane crash that deeply affected her family.

Mary Chilima Biography

Early Life and Background

Details about Mary Chilima’s early life, including her exact age and home village, have not been disclosed publicly. This privacy is not uncommon for public figures in Malawi, who often seek to keep personal details away from the media spotlight.

Marriage to Saulos Chilima

Mary Chilima is best known as the wife of Saulos Chilima, who served as Malawi’s Vice President. Their marriage has been a cornerstone of public interest, given Saulos Chilima’s prominence in Malawian politics. The couple has often been seen together at various public and state functions, symbolizing a strong partnership.

The Tragic Incident: Plane Crash

A recent tragic event brought Mary Chilima into the public eye under heartbreaking circumstances. A search and rescue mission was launched for a missing flight feared to have crash-landed in Chikangawa. Initial reports speculated that Vice President Saulos Chilima and his wife, Mary, might have been on the plane. However, it was later confirmed that they were not among the passengers.

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The passenger manifest revealed that former First Lady Patricia Shanil Muluzi was one of the eight passengers on the Malawi Defence Forces-owned aircraft. This revelation brought some relief to Mary Chilima and her family, but the emotional toll of the uncertainty had already been immense.

Public Grief and Support

Following the confirmation that Saulos Chilima and Mary were not on the flight, Mary Chilima made a public appearance that moved many to tears. She was seen breaking down after receiving her husband’s body, a moment that was both poignant and reflective of the deep personal loss she has endured.

FAQs About Mary Chilima

1. How old is Mary Chilima?

  • Mary Chilima’s exact age has not been publicly disclosed.

2. Where is Mary Chilima from?

  • The specific home village of Mary Chilima has not been revealed to the public.

3. What recent tragedy involved Mary Chilima?

  • Mary Chilima was emotionally affected by a plane crash incident involving the Malawi Defence Forces, where initial reports mistakenly included her and her husband, Saulos Chilima, among the missing passengers.

4. Who was actually on the plane?

  • The passenger manifest confirmed that former First Lady Patricia Shanil Muluzi was among the eight passengers on the plane.

5. How did Mary Chilima react to the news?

  • Mary Chilima was seen breaking down in tears after receiving her husband’s body, highlighting the deep emotional impact of the incident.


Mary Chilima’s life, though mostly private, has been marked by significant public interest and recent emotional challenges. Her resilience in the face of tragedy and her role as the Vice President’s wife continue to shape her public persona. While much about her remains undisclosed, her story is one of strength and grace under pressure.

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