Pete Maravich Cause Of Death: Height, Wife, Net Worth, Son, Family, Stats


Pete Maravich Cause Of Death – Pete Maravich, known affectionately as “Pistol Pete,” was a basketball phenom whose incredible talent and skills left an indelible mark on the sport. Born Peter Press Maravich on June 22, 1947, this Serbian-American player became a legend in both college and professional basketball. His legacy is filled with extraordinary achievements, personal stories, and an untimely death that shocked the sports world.

Pete Maravich Cause Of Death

Who is Pete Maravich?

Peter Press Maravich, better known as Pistol Pete, was born in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. His father, Press Maravich, was a basketball coach, and his influence on Pete’s career was profound. Pete Maravich attended Louisiana State University (LSU), where he played for the LSU Tigers under his father’s coaching. During his college career, Maravich set numerous records, including becoming the all-time leading NCAA Division I men’s scorer with 3,667 points and an average of 44.2 points per game. Remarkably, these records were set before the introduction of the three-point line and shot clock, making his achievements even more astounding.

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Pete Maravich Cause of Death

Pete Maravich’s life was tragically cut short on January 5, 1988. He died at the age of 40 due to a heart condition that had gone undetected throughout his life. The specific cause was a rare congenital defect where he had only one coronary artery instead of two, which led to a fatal heart attack during a pickup basketball game in Pasadena, California. His sudden death was a tremendous loss to the basketball community and his fans worldwide.

Pete Maravich Height

Pete Maravich stood at 1.96 meters (approximately 6 feet 5 inches) tall. His height, combined with his exceptional ball-handling skills and shooting ability, made him a formidable player on the court.

Pete Maravich Wife

Pete Maravich was married to Jackie Maravich. The couple had a loving relationship, and Jackie supported Pete throughout his career and life. They remained together until his untimely death.

Pete Maravich Net Worth

While the exact details of Pete Maravich’s net worth at the time of his death are not publicly disclosed, it is well-known that he enjoyed significant financial success during and after his basketball career. He was one of the highest-paid players of his time and continued to earn through endorsements and other ventures.

Pete Maravich Sons

Pete Maravich and his wife Jackie had two sons, Josh Maravich and Jaeson Maravich. Both sons have carried on their father’s legacy in different ways, and they remain active in preserving his memory and contributions to the sport.

Why Did Pete Maravich Retire?

Pete Maravich retired from professional basketball due to a series of knee injuries that plagued him throughout his career. Despite his immense talent and dedication to the game, the physical toll on his body became too much to bear, leading to his retirement.

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Pete Maravich College Scoring Record

One of Pete Maravich’s most enduring legacies is his college scoring record. He amassed a total of 3,667 points over his college career, averaging an astonishing 44.2 points per game. This record remains unbroken and is a testament to his scoring prowess and consistency.

Is Pete Maravich Still Alive?

Unfortunately, Pete Maravich is no longer alive. He passed away on January 5, 1988, at the age of 40, in Pasadena, California. His death was a significant loss to the basketball world and to those who admired his talent and spirit.

How Many Games Did Pete Maravich Play in College?

During his college career at LSU, Pete Maravich played a total of 83 games. He participated in 26 games as a sophomore, 26 as a junior, and 31 as a senior. His performances in these games were nothing short of legendary, contributing to his enduring legacy in college basketball.


Pete Maravich’s life and career remain a source of inspiration and admiration for basketball fans and players alike. His incredible talent, dedication to the sport, and the records he set continue to influence and inspire new generations. Though his life was tragically cut short, his legacy as one of the greatest basketball players of all time endures.


What was Pete Maravich’s nickname?

Pete Maravich was commonly known as “Pistol Pete” due to his incredible shooting skills.

How many points did Pete Maravich score in college?

Pete Maravich scored a total of 3,667 points during his college career at LSU.

What caused Pete Maravich’s death?

Pete Maravich died from a heart condition caused by a rare congenital defect.

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How tall was Pete Maravich?

Pete Maravich was 1.96 meters (approximately 6 feet 5 inches) tall.

Who was Pete Maravich’s wife?

Pete Maravich was married to Jackie Maravich.

How many children did Pete Maravich have?

Pete Maravich had two sons, Josh Maravich and Jaeson Maravich.

When did Pete Maravich retire from basketball?

Pete Maravich retired from professional basketball due to knee injuries that affected his performance and health.

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