Tetchie Agbayani Biography: Net Worth, Age, Daughter, Beauty Queen, Child, Parents, Kids, Educational Background, Husband


Tetchie Agbayani Biography – Tetchie Agbayani, born Visitacion Parado on July 2, 1961, is a multifaceted Filipino actress, model, and psychology instructor. Known for her diverse career, she has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry, both in the Philippines and internationally. From her early beginnings in pageantry and modeling to her roles in Hollywood films, Agbayani’s journey is one of talent and perseverance. This biography looks into various aspects of her life, including her net worth, age, daughter, beauty queen title, educational background, husband, and more.

Early Life and Career

Tetchie Agbayani was born in the Philippines and began her career in the limelight through pageantry and modeling. Her first significant acting role was in the 1981 film “Pepeng Shotgun.” Agbayani’s beauty and talent soon caught international attention, leading to her being featured on the cover of the German edition of Playboy in 1982, a first for a Filipino woman.

Tetchie Agbayani Educational Background

Agbayani attended high school at the University of Santo Tomas (UST). In 1979, she enrolled in UST’s Bachelor of Science in Architecture program. However, her rising fame in the entertainment industry led her to leave the program. Agbayani continued her education in a different direction, becoming a psychology instructor later in her career.

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Tetchie Agbayani Hollywood and International Career

In the mid-1980s, Tetchie Agbayani pursued acting opportunities in Hollywood. She appeared in several international productions under the name Carol Roberts. Some of her notable films include:

  • The Emerald Forest (1985): Directed by John Boorman, where she played a significant role.
  • Gymkata (1985): She starred as the leading lady.
  • The Money Pit (1986): She had a cameo role in this popular film.
  • Rikky and Pete (1988): Agbayani portrayed a geologist in this Australian film.

Agbayani also made a guest appearance in the British television series “Yellowthread Street.”

Tetchie Agbayani Age

As of July 2, 2024, Tetchie Agbayani will be 63 years old. Her longevity in the entertainment industry is a testament to her enduring talent and appeal.

Tetchie Agbayani Daughter

Tetchie Agbayani has a daughter named China. Details about her daughter’s life remain largely private, reflecting Agbayani’s preference to keep her family life out of the public eye.

Tetchie Agbayani Husband

There have been various rumors and speculations about Tetchie Agbayani’s marital status. Some sources have linked her to Ogie Alcasid, a well-known Filipino singer and actor. However, there is no confirmed information regarding her current marital status.

Tetchie Agbayani Parents

Information about Tetchie Agbayani’s parents has not been disclosed publicly, adhering to her preference for privacy regarding her family background.

Tetchie Agbayani Net Worth

The exact net worth of Tetchie Agbayani is not publicly disclosed. However, considering her extensive career in both local and international entertainment, it is likely that she has amassed substantial wealth.

Achievements and Awards

Throughout her career, Tetchie Agbayani has received numerous accolades. She has been recognized at the Metro Manila Film Festival and has been nominated for prestigious awards such as the FAMAS, Gawad Urian, Star Awards for Movies, and Luna Awards.

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Who is Tetchie Agbayani?

Tetchie Agbayani, born Visitacion Parado, is a Filipino actress, model, and psychology instructor known for her roles in both Filipino and international films.

What is Tetchie Agbayani’s educational background?

She attended high school at the University of Santo Tomas and initially pursued a Bachelor of Science in Architecture before shifting to a career in entertainment.

How old is Tetchie Agbayani?

Tetchie Agbayani will be 63 years old on July 2, 2024.

Does Tetchie Agbayani have children?

Yes, she has a daughter named China.

Who is Tetchie Agbayani’s husband?

There are speculations linking her to Ogie Alcasid, but there is no confirmed information about her current marital status.

What is Tetchie Agbayani’s net worth?

Her exact net worth is not publicly disclosed.


Tetchie Agbayani’s life is a remarkable blend of talent, beauty, and intelligence. From her early days in pageantry to her international film career and her role as a psychology instructor, she has continually evolved and excelled. While she maintains a degree of privacy about her personal life, her professional achievements are well-documented and celebrated. Tetchie Agbayani remains a significant figure in the entertainment industry, inspiring many with her journey and accomplishments.

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