Mufti Yaks Biography: Wife, Date Of Birth, Age, Parents, Wikipedia, Education


Mufti Yaks Biography – Mufti Yaks, whose real name is Abdullateef Muhammad Maiyaki, is a prominent motivational and inspirational speaker hailing from Nigeria. Known for his compelling message of peace, Mufti Yaks has dedicated his life to uplifting and inspiring others through his speeches and public engagements.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Mufti Yaks has become a well-known figure in the realm of motivational speaking. Despite his popularity, much about his personal life remains undisclosed. His age, date of birth, marital status, and details about his family and education have not been publicly shared, adding an element of mystery to his persona.

Early Life and Background

Mufti Yaks was born and raised in Nigeria, a country rich in culture and diversity. Growing up in Nigeria has significantly influenced his perspective and the themes he explores in his speeches. The challenges and triumphs of his upbringing in this vibrant nation have shaped his approach to motivational speaking, focusing on peace, resilience, and the power of positive thinking.

Mufti Yaks Real Name and Identity

The real name of Mufti Yaks is Abdullateef Muhammad Maiyaki. While he is widely known by his stage name, this detail highlights his personal heritage and the roots from which he draws his strength and inspiration.

Career as a Motivational Speaker

Mufti Yaks has made a significant impact as a motivational and inspirational speaker. His speeches are characterized by their emphasis on peace and positivity, resonating deeply with his audience. He travels extensively, sharing his message and encouraging individuals to overcome obstacles and embrace a peaceful mindset.

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Mufti Yaks Wife – Personal Life

Information about Mufti Yaks’ personal life is largely kept private. Details such as his age, date of birth, and marital status have not been disclosed to the public. This discretion extends to information about his wife, parents, and education, which also remain undisclosed. This privacy has not diminished his influence or the reach of his motivational messages.


Who is Mufti Yaks?
Mufti Yaks, whose real name is Abdullateef Muhammad Maiyaki, is a Nigerian motivational and inspirational speaker known for promoting peace.

What is Mufti Yaks’ real name?
His real name is Abdullateef Muhammad Maiyaki.

How old is Mufti Yaks?
Mufti Yaks’ age has not been disclosed.

Is Mufti Yaks married?
Details about Mufti Yaks’ marital status have not been publicly shared.

When is Mufti Yaks’ birthday?
Mufti Yaks’ date of birth has not been disclosed.

Who are Mufti Yaks’ parents?
Information about Mufti Yaks’ parents has not been disclosed.

What is Mufti Yaks’ educational background?
Details about Mufti Yaks’ education have not been disclosed.


Mufti Yaks, or Abdullateef Muhammad Maiyaki, stands out as a beacon of inspiration and motivation. Despite the limited information available about his personal life, his public persona as a promoter of peace and positivity continues to inspire many. His dedication to spreading a message of hope and resilience is a testament to his impactful role as a motivational speaker. As he continues his journey, Mufti Yaks remains a powerful voice for peace and positive change.

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