Maina Wanjigi Biography: Age, Secondary School, Family, Wife, Obituary, Wikipedia


Maina Wanjigi Biography – Who is Maina Wanjigi? Maina Wanjigi, a notable figure in Kenya’s history, passed away at the age of 92. Known for his significant contributions to the country, he played a pivotal role in the transfer of land from colonial settlers to Africans. His legacy is celebrated by his family, including his son, billionaire Jimi Wanjigi.

Let’s explore the life and deed of Maina in detail.

Maina Wanjigi Biography

Early Life and Education

Maina Wanjigi was born in Kenya and spent his early years in the country. His education was marked by excellence, leading him to attend secondary school, where he showcased his leadership skills and academic prowess.

Career and Achievements

Maina Wanjigi served in various capacities within Kenya’s independence government. He was involved in both Parliament and the Executive, playing a crucial role in shaping the country’s policies and governance. One of his most notable achievements was orchestrating the transfer of land from colonial settlers to Africans, a monumental task funded by a £26 million loan from the British government and the World Bank.

Personal Life

Maina Wanjigi was married to Mary Wambui Wanjigi. The couple had a close-knit family, including their daughter Gathoni Gatembu and their son Jimi Wanjigi. The family’s unity and support were evident during Maina Wanjigi’s memorial service at The All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi on July 3, 2024.


Maina Wanjigi passed away on Friday, June 28, at Nairobi Hospital. His death marked the end of a significant era in Kenya’s history. He was remembered fondly by his family and friends during the memorial service, highlighting his contributions and the impact he had on the nation.

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Who was Maina Wanjigi? Maina Wanjigi was a prominent figure in Kenya’s history, serving in various roles within the independence government. He was the father of billionaire Jimi Wanjigi.

How old was Maina Wanjigi when he passed away? Maina Wanjigi passed away at the age of 92.

Who was Maina Wanjigi’s wife? Maina Wanjigi was married to Mary Wambui Wanjigi.

When did Maina Wanjigi die? Maina Wanjigi died on June 28, at Nairobi Hospital.

What were Maina Wanjigi’s contributions to Kenya? Maina Wanjigi played a pivotal role in the transfer of land from colonial settlers to Africans, a significant achievement in Kenya’s history.


Maina Wanjigi’s life and legacy are a testament to his dedication and service to Kenya. His contributions have left an indelible mark on the country’s history, and he will be remembered as a key figure in the nation’s development. His family continues to honor his memory, celebrating the life of a remarkable man who gave so much to his country.

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