Gerda Steyn Biography: Net Worth, Height And Weight, Marathon Time, Parents, Age, Instagram, Husband


Gerda Steyn Biography – Gerda Steyn, born on March 3, 1990, is a celebrated South African marathon and ultramarathon athlete. Known for her impressive performances and record-breaking runs, Steyn has cemented her place in the world of long-distance running. Let’s look into her life, achievements, and more.

Gerda Steyn Early Life and Education

Gerda Steyn was born and raised on a farm in the Bothaville area, where she enjoyed a rural upbringing. She completed her high school education at Bothaville High School in 2008. Following her school years, Steyn pursued higher education at the University of the Free State, where she qualified as a quantity surveyor. She grew up alongside her sister and brother, supported by her parents, Pieter and Trudie Steyn.

Gerda Steyn Athletic Career

Gerda Steyn’s journey in athletics is nothing short of remarkable. She is known for her endurance and exceptional performance in marathons and ultramarathons. One of her notable achievements includes setting the Comrades Marathon down-run record in 2023 with a time of 5:44:54. This achievement made her the fourth woman to complete the race in under six hours.

In addition to her success in the Comrades Marathon, Steyn also became the South African marathon record holder on April 11, 2021, by clocking a time of 2:25:28 at the Xiamen Tuscany Camp Elite Marathon in Siena, Italy. She surpassed her own record in 2023 at the Valencia Marathon, setting a new personal best of 2:24:03.

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Gerda Steyn Husband – Personal Life

Gerda Steyn’s personal life is as inspiring as her professional career. She is married to Duncan Ross, who has been a supportive partner throughout her journey. Despite her public persona, Steyn keeps certain aspects of her life private, including her net worth, height, and weight. She is active on Instagram under the handle @gerda_steyn, where she shares glimpses of her training, races, and personal moments.

Gerda Steyn Marathon Times and Achievements

Gerda Steyn’s marathon times and achievements are a testament to her dedication and hard work. Here are some of her notable records:

  • Comrades Marathon 2023: 5 hours, 44 minutes, and 54 seconds
  • Xiamen Tuscany Camp Elite Marathon 2021: 2 hours, 25 minutes, and 28 seconds
  • Valencia Marathon 2023: 2 hours, 24 minutes, and 3 seconds


Q: How old is Gerda Steyn? A: Gerda Steyn is 34 years old, born on March 3, 1990.

Q: Who are Gerda Steyn’s parents? A: Gerda Steyn’s parents are Pieter and Trudie Steyn.

Q: Is Gerda Steyn married? A: Yes, Gerda Steyn is married to Duncan Ross.

Q: What is Gerda Steyn’s Instagram handle? A: Gerda Steyn’s Instagram handle is @gerda_steyn.

Q: What is Gerda Steyn’s marathon time record? A: Gerda Steyn’s notable marathon times include 5:44:54 for the Comrades Marathon and 2:24:03 for the Valencia Marathon.


Gerda Steyn is a remarkable athlete whose achievements in marathons and ultramarathons have inspired many. From her humble beginnings on a farm in Bothaville to setting records on international stages, her story is a testament to perseverance, hard work, and passion. Follow her journey on Instagram to stay updated on her latest endeavors and achievements.

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