Ebby Steppach Cause Of Death


Ebby Steppach Cause Of Death – The story of Ebby Steppach is one filled with mystery, tragedy, and unanswered questions. Ebby Jane Steppach, born on March 31, 1997, disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Little Rock, Arkansas, in October 2015. Just days before her disappearance, she had accused four men of sexually assaulting her at a party. On October 25, 2015, she made a frantic phone call to her older brother, Trevor, marking the last known contact anyone had with her. Her body was later discovered in a drainage pipe in Chalamont Park in May 2018, confirming what her family had feared: Ebby had been murdered.

The Disappearance and Discovery of Ebby Steppach

Ebby’s disappearance gripped the community of Little Rock. The days leading up to her vanishing were filled with distress and turmoil. She had bravely reported a gang-rape incident, implicating four men she encountered at a party. This accusation potentially put her in grave danger, and it was clear she was deeply troubled when she called her brother, Trevor, on October 25, 2015. That call, filled with erratic and frantic tones, was the last anyone would hear from her.

For over two years, Ebby’s family and friends endured an agonizing search for answers. The mystery of her disappearance was partially resolved in May 2018 when her remains were found in a drainage pipe in Chalamont Park. The discovery, while providing some closure, opened up new questions about the circumstances of her death and the events leading up to it.

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Ebby Steppach Cause of Death

The official cause of death for Ebby Steppach was determined to be a homicide. The exact details of how she died have not been fully disclosed, and her case remains unsolved. The lack of definitive answers has been a source of immense pain for her family, who continue to seek justice for Ebby.

Ebby Steppach Brother Died – The Heartbreaking Loss of Trevor Steppach

In a further twist of tragedy, Ebby’s older brother, Trevor Steppach, who was deeply affected by his sister’s disappearance, passed away at the age of 35. Trevor died of a massive heart attack, a loss that compounded the family’s grief and underscored the profound impact of Ebby’s disappearance on those who loved her.

Ebby’s Family: Laurie Jernigan and Peter Steppach

Ebby Steppach’s parents, Laurie Jernigan and Peter Steppach, have been vocal advocates in the quest for justice for their daughter. Laurie, in particular, has been a relentless force in keeping Ebby’s story in the public eye, pushing for answers and accountability. The support and determination of Ebby’s family have been pivotal in maintaining momentum in the investigation.

The Ongoing Investigation

Despite the discovery of her body, the investigation into Ebby Steppach’s death remains open. The Little Rock Police Department continues to pursue leads, but as of now, no arrests have been made. The case has seen various levels of involvement from different investigative bodies, but the path to justice has been slow and fraught with challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who was Ebby Steppach? Ebby Jane Steppach was a young woman from Little Rock, Arkansas, who disappeared in October 2015. She had accused four men of gang-raping her shortly before her disappearance.

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What was the cause of Ebby Steppach’s death? Ebby Steppach’s death was ruled a homicide. Her body was found in a drainage pipe in May 2018, but the exact circumstances of her death remain unclear.

What happened to Ebby Steppach’s brother? Ebby’s older brother, Trevor Steppach, passed away at the age of 35 from a massive heart attack, adding another layer of tragedy to the family’s ordeal.

Who are Ebby Steppach’s parents? Ebby Steppach’s parents are Laurie Jernigan and Peter Steppach. They have been active in seeking justice for their daughter.

Is the case of Ebby Steppach solved? No, the case of Ebby Steppach remains unsolved. The investigation is still ongoing, and no arrests have been made.

Was Ebby Steppach ever found? Yes, Ebby Steppach’s remains were found in a drainage pipe in Chalamont Park in May 2018.


The tragic story of Ebby Steppach is a stark reminder of the pain and suffering that unresolved cases bring to families and communities. While the discovery of her body brought some closure, the quest for justice continues. Ebby’s family remains steadfast in their pursuit of answers, hoping that one day, they will see justice served for their beloved daughter and sister.

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