Wayne Sussman Biography: Mother, Twitter, Wikipedia, Parents


Wayne Sussman is a prominent figure in the South African political landscape, known for his in-depth election analyses and commitment to democracy. As the Director of the American Jewish Committee’s Africa Institute, Sussman regularly appears on major television networks and contributes to political discourse through his writings and analyses. This biography provides an insight into his life, including his career, family, and social media presence.

Professional Background

Wayne Sussman serves as the Director of the American Jewish Committee’s Africa Institute. His expertise in election analysis has made him a regular guest on South African television networks such as eNCA, SABC, and Newzroom Afrika. Sussman was the chief elections analyst for the 2021 elections in South Africa for the Daily Maverick, where he continues to write detailed analyses on by-elections and political developments.

Sussman’s role extends beyond media appearances. He is the Chair of the Morris Isaacson Centre for Music in Soweto, a township known for its rich cultural heritage. Additionally, he chairs two significant organizations within the South African Jewish community, reflecting his leadership and dedication to community service.

Contributions to Election Analysis

Wayne Sussman is renowned for his ability to transform complex electoral data into compelling narratives. His storytelling approach to democracy is evident in his detailed coverage of electoral events, such as the municipal by-election in Bela-Bela and the EFF’s victory in Nkomazi, Mpumalanga. Sussman’s analyses are characterized by their accuracy and clarity, making electoral statistics accessible to a broad audience.

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Wayne Sussman Mother – Personal Life

Details about Wayne Sussman’s family, including his mother and parents, are not publicly disclosed. However, his dedication to his work and community involvement speaks volumes about his character and values.

Wayne Sussman Twitter – Online Presence

Wayne Sussman maintains an active presence on Twitter, where he shares his insights and analyses on South African politics. His Twitter handle is @waynesussman, where he engages with followers and provides real-time updates on political developments.


Who is Wayne Sussman? Wayne Sussman is the Director of the American Jewish Committee’s Africa Institute, a renowned election analyst, and a regular contributor to South African media.

What is Wayne Sussman’s role in election analysis? Wayne Sussman provides in-depth analysis of elections and political developments in South Africa. He was the chief elections analyst for the 2021 elections for the Daily Maverick.

What organizations does Wayne Sussman chair? Wayne Sussman chairs the Morris Isaacson Centre for Music in Soweto and two prominent organizations in the South African Jewish community.

What is Wayne Sussman’s Twitter handle? Wayne Sussman’s Twitter handle is @waynesussman.

What is Wayne Sussman’s educational background? Details about Wayne Sussman’s educational background have not been disclosed.

Who are Wayne Sussman’s parents? Information about Wayne Sussman’s parents, including his mother, has not been publicly disclosed.


Wayne Sussman’s career and contributions to election analysis have made him a respected figure in South African politics. His ability to decode and explain electoral data in a relatable manner has earned him a broad following and significant influence. As he continues to advocate for democracy and contribute to political discourse, Sussman’s impact on the field of election analysis remains profound.

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