Mayor Alice Guo Biography: Age, Husband, Wikipedia, Educational Background, Birthday, Parents


Who is Alice Guo? Alice Leal Guo is a notable Filipino businesswoman and politician currently serving as mayor of Bamban, a municipality nestled in Tarlac Province, Central Luzon Region, Philippines. Notably, she holds the distinction of being the first female mayor in the annals of Bamban. BiographyBaze will unveil details about Mayor Alice Guo Biography in this blog post.

Mayor Alice Guo Biography 2024

Alice Guo Educational Background

Guo’s educational journey is rather unique. She asserts that she pursued homeschooling from elementary through high school, forgoing the traditional college experience.

Alice Guo Age and Husband

Regrettably, Alice Guo’s age and marital status, including her husband’s identity, remain undisclosed.

Alice Guo Birthday

Similarly, Mayor Guo has opted to keep her birthday private.

Alice Guo Parents

Alice Guo’s familial background is shrouded in mystery. She has revealed that she didn’t have the typical upbringing with her mother, Amelia Leal. Furthermore, her father, Anghelito Guo, is described as a private businessman. Despite this, details such as her parents’ marriage and her father’s mixed heritage of Chinese and Filipino descent remain elusive.

Alice Guo’s Political Aspirations

Mayor Alice Guo is currently a candidate for Municipal Mayor in the upcoming elections, running as an independent candidate. She seeks to secure the mayoral seat in Bamban, Tarlac. She is positioned as #2 on the ballot under the name “GUO, ALICE (IND).”

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Responsibilities of the Municipal Mayor

The role of the Municipal Mayor encompasses a spectrum of duties. It includes overseeing all municipal government programs, projects, and services, enforcing laws and ordinances, maximizing resource utilization, and ensuring the provision of essential services and facilities.


Q: Is Alice Guo married? A: Mayor Guo’s marital status, including information about her husband, remains undisclosed.

Q: What is Alice Guo’s educational background? A: Guo pursued homeschooling from elementary through high school and did not attend college.

Q: Does Alice Guo disclose her age or birthday? A: Mayor Guo has not disclosed her age or birthday to the public.

Q: Who are Alice Guo’s parents? A: Alice Guo’s mother is Amelia Leal, and her father is Anghelito Guo, who she claims is of mixed Chinese-Filipino heritage. However, details about their marriage and background remain unknown.


Mayor Alice Guo is a prominent figure in Bamban’s political landscape, breaking barriers as the first female mayor. Despite her achievements, her personal life remains in secrecy, with limited information about her age, marital status, and familial background. As she vies for re-election, voters can evaluate her based on her professional track record and vision for Bamban’s future.

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