Jacobeth Thobakgale Real Name: Age, Daughter, Husband


Jacobeth Thobakgale Real Name – Elizabeth Serunye, born on March 12, 1971, is a renowned South African actress and gospel singer. She has graced numerous drama series and films, earning fame for her diverse roles. Among her most celebrated characters is Jacobeth Thobakgale, the strict and dedicated principal in the popular TV series Skeem Saam. This blog post looks into her life, career, and personal details, offering a comprehensive look at the woman behind the iconic role.

Early Life and Career

Elizabeth Serunye embarked on her acting journey at the age of twenty-three. Her first screen appearance was on the show Dinnete Tsa Bophelo. Over the years, she steadily built her career, featuring in various television series and films.

In 2001, Serunye appeared in the widely-watched series Generations. This role was pivotal, marking her entry into mainstream television. Besides acting, she showcased her entrepreneurial spirit by starting a street vending business. Every morning, she sold cakes for R5 at the corner of her street, catering to workers, students, and job seekers.

Notable Roles and Achievements

Serunye’s versatility as an actress is evident from her diverse roles in various productions. She played Zinzile in the second season of the comedy series City Ses’la and portrayed Rose in the E.tv soap opera Rhythm City. Her filmography includes notable movies like Skin (2008), Africa United (2010), and Amandla (2022).

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In 2011, Elizabeth Serunye joined the cast of Skeem Saam, playing the role of Jacobeth Thobakgale. Her character, a strict and focused school principal, quickly became a fan favorite. Serunye’s portrayal has been so impactful that she remains one of the longest-serving actors on the show, appearing from season 2 through season 11.

Jacobeth Thobakgale Real Name

The real name of the actress who plays Jacobeth Thobakgale is Dr. Elizabeth Serunye.

Jacobeth Thobakgale Age

Elizabeth Serunye was born on March 12, 1971, making her 53 years old as of now.

Jacobeth Thobakgale Daughter

Information regarding Jacobeth Thobakgale’s daughter is not disclosed, maintaining privacy around her family life.

Jacobeth Thobakgale Husband

Details about Jacobeth Thobakgale’s husband are also not disclosed to the public.

Elizabeth Serunye’s Contribution to Music

In addition to her acting prowess, Elizabeth Serunye has made her mark in the music industry. She is an accomplished gospel singer and performs with the Exaltation Gospel Choir. Her involvement in music showcases her multifaceted talent and dedication to the arts.

More Appearances

Serunye’s talent has led her to various other roles in productions such as The Coconuts, Mzee Wa Two Six, and Ga Re Dumele. Her broad range of characters across different genres highlights her adaptability and skill as an actress.


1. Who is Jacobeth Thobakgale?

Jacobeth Thobakgale is a character played by Dr. Elizabeth Serunye in the TV series Skeem Saam. She is a strict and dedicated school principal.

2. What is the real name of Jacobeth Thobakgale?

The real name of the actress who plays Jacobeth Thobakgale is Dr. Elizabeth Serunye.

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3. How old is Jacobeth Thobakgale?

As of now, Elizabeth Serunye is 53 years old.

4. Does Jacobeth Thobakgale have a daughter?

Information about her daughter is not publicly disclosed.

5. Is Jacobeth Thobakgale married?

Details about her husband are not publicly disclosed.

6. What other roles has Elizabeth Serunye played?

She has played roles in City Ses’la, Rhythm City, Generations, and films like Skin, Africa United, and Amandla.


Elizabeth Serunye, known for her iconic role as Jacobeth Thobakgale in Skeem Saam, is a celebrated actress and gospel singer. Her career spans numerous television series and films, showcasing her versatility and dedication to the arts. Despite her public persona, she maintains a level of privacy about her personal life, adding to the intrigue and respect she commands. Through her acting and musical talents, Serunye continues to inspire and entertain audiences across South Africa and beyond.

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