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Galen Winsor Cause Of Death – Let’s examine the life of Winsor. Galen Winsor was a renowned nuclear physicist whose controversial views on radiation safety and nuclear energy have sparked debates for decades. His life was a blend of scientific innovation, passionate advocacy, and bold challenges to conventional wisdom. Winsor’s journey, from designing nuclear power plants to famously ingesting radioactive uranium on camera, was driven by his belief that the dangers of radiation were grossly exaggerated.

Early Life and Education

Galen Hulet Winsor was born on June 4, 1926, in Peterson, Morgan County, Utah. He was the third child and first son of Murkins Terry Winsor and Eleanor Hulet. Tragically, his father passed away when Galen was just three years old. His mother remarried Josiah Adair, a lifelong friend of Murkins, and the family moved to Pioche and later Panaca, Nevada.

Winsor graduated from Lincoln County High School in 1944 and immediately joined the Navy, serving in the South Pacific as a radio operator on Guam, where he was wounded by a sniper. After his military service, Winsor attended Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, where he earned a degree in chemistry. It was at BYU that he met his future wife, LaDene Mikkelsen, and they married on August 29, 1947, in the Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Professional Career and Contributions

In August 1950, Winsor moved to Richland, Washington, where he began working for General Electric at the Hanford Site as a nuclear chemist. He played a significant role in the development and operation of processes for extracting plutonium. During his time in Richland, Winsor also served as a missionary in the Northern States Mission.

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Winsor’s career took him and his family across the United States. In December 1964, they moved to San Jose, California, where he was involved in designing a commercial nuclear fuel reprocessing plant. By May 1969, Winsor was in Joliet, Illinois, contributing to the Midwest Fuel Recovery Plant and serving as the first bishop of the Joliet Ward, Chicago South Stake, where he oversaw the construction of a chapel.

In October 1976, Winsor moved back to Richland to manage a uranium ore facility for United Nuclear. His extensive career was marked by numerous projects promoting and advocating for nuclear energy, even after his retirement.

The Controversial Advocate

Galen Winsor is perhaps best known for his controversial stance on radiation safety. He believed that the fear of radiation had been exaggerated to allow a select few to control valuable power resources such as coal and oil. Winsor argued that the real danger of uranium lay in its chemical toxicity rather than its radioactivity.

To prove his point, Winsor famously ingested radioactive uranium on camera during a 1985 educational film titled “The Nuclear Scare Scam.” He conducted 77 lectures, during which he consumed uranium to demonstrate that he had not suffered any health effects from it. His provocative actions were meant to challenge the prevailing nuclear fear and hysteria.

Personal Life and Legacy

Galen Winsor lived a full and productive life. He was passionate about flying, fishing, hunting, boating, and reading. He was devoted to his family and his church, and his life was characterized by a deep love for both.

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On July 19, 2008, Galen Winsor passed away peacefully at the age of 86. He was reunited with his eternal companion, LaDene, who had passed away 15 years earlier. Winsor is survived by his second wife, Ruby Van Sant, his four children—Scott, Lane, Gayla, and Todd—nine grandchildren, and three (soon to be four) great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held on July 24, 2008, in Richland, Washington, followed by interment at the Sunset Memorial Gardens.


1. Who was Galen Winsor? Galen Winsor was a prominent nuclear physicist known for his controversial views on radiation safety. He worked on numerous nuclear power projects and believed that the fear of radiation was exaggerated.

2. What is Galen Winsor famous for? Winsor is famous for ingesting radioactive uranium on camera in 1985 to prove that the fear of radiation was overblown. He argued that uranium’s chemical toxicity was a greater risk than its radioactivity.

3. When did Galen Winsor die? Galen Winsor died on July 19, 2008, at the age of 86.

4. Where did Galen Winsor work? Winsor worked at various nuclear facilities across the United States, including the Hanford Site in Washington, a commercial nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in California, and a uranium ore facility in Colorado.

5. What was Winsor’s educational background? Winsor graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in chemistry.


Galen Winsor’s life and work remain a significant part of the discussion around nuclear energy and radiation safety. His bold actions and outspoken views challenged conventional wisdom and continue to provoke debate. Winsor’s legacy as a nuclear pioneer is marked by his contributions to the field and his unwavering commitment to his beliefs

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