Aisha Yesufu Biography: Net Worth, Husband, Age, Phone Number, Mother, Twitter, Wikipedia, State Of Origin


Aisha Yesufu Biography – Who is Aisha Yesufu? Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu, born on December 12, 1973, is a renowned Nigerian political activist and businesswoman. She co-founded the #BringBackOurGirls movement, which gained global attention for the abduction of over 200 girls from a secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria, by the terrorist group Boko Haram on April 14, 2014. Yesufu has also been a prominent figure in the End SARS movement, which protests against police brutality in Nigeria.

Aisha Yesufu Biography

Aisha Yesufu Biography

Early Life and Education

Aisha Yesufu was born and raised in Kano State but hails from Agbede in Edo State. Growing up in a patriarchal society, she faced numerous challenges. By the age of 11, most of her female friends were either married or had died during childbirth. Despite these adversities, Yesufu’s passion for reading exposed her to a world beyond her immediate environment.

In 1991, she applied to the Nigerian Defence Academy but was rejected due to her gender. She initially gained admission to Usmanu Danfodiyo University in 1992, but the institution closed down, prompting her to enroll at Ahmadu Bello University to study medicine. Her studies there were also cut short following the assassination of a professor in 1994, leading her to complete her education at Bayero University Kano, where she graduated with a degree in microbiology.

Career and Activism

Aisha Yesufu is best known for her activism. In 2014, she co-founded the #BringBackOurGirls movement, which drew international attention to the kidnapping of schoolgirls by Boko Haram. Her tireless efforts in advocating for the return of the girls brought significant pressure on the Nigerian government and international community.

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In addition to her work with #BringBackOurGirls, Yesufu has been deeply involved in the End SARS movement. This movement seeks to end police brutality in Nigeria, particularly by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). Her outspoken and courageous stance has made her a symbol of resistance and hope for many Nigerians.

Aisha Yesufu Husband – Personal Life

Aisha Yesufu is married to Aliu Osigwe Yesufu. The couple has been together for many years, supporting each other through various challenges and milestones. Yesufu will celebrate her 51st birthday on December 12, 2024.

Aisha Yesufu Mother – Family Background

Aisha’s mother is Hajiya Zainab Muhammad, née Amiebenomo. Aisha has often spoken about her mother’s influence on her life, describing her as a pillar of strength and resilience.

Aisha Yesufu Net Worth and Public Presence

Aisha Yesufu’s net worth has not been publicly disclosed. Despite this, her impact and influence in Nigerian society are undeniable. She remains an active presence on social media, particularly on Twitter, where her handle is @AishaYesufu. Through her platform, she continues to voice her opinions and advocate for social justice.


Aisha Yesufu’s life story is one of resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to justice. From her early struggles in a patriarchal society to her prominent role in major social movements, Yesufu’s journey inspires many. Her work continues to influence and drive change in Nigeria and beyond.


Who is Aisha Yesufu? Aisha Yesufu is a Nigerian political activist and businesswoman, co-founder of the #BringBackOurGirls movement and a key figure in the End SARS movement.

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What is Aisha Yesufu’s net worth? Aisha Yesufu’s net worth has not been disclosed.

Is Aisha Yesufu married? Yes, Aisha Yesufu is married to Aliu Osigwe Yesufu.

How old is Aisha Yesufu? Aisha Yesufu will be 51 years old on December 12, 2024.

What is Aisha Yesufu’s state of origin? Aisha Yesufu tribe is Agbede in Edo State but was born and raised in Kano State.

What is Aisha Yesufu’s mother’s name? Her mother is Hajiya Zainab Muhammad, née Amiebenomo.

What is Aisha Yesufu’s Twitter handle? Her Twitter handle is @AishaYesufu

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